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A: VegMachine® is a tool for summarizing long term, spatial and temporal changes in land cover from decades of satellite imagery. It allows you to select areas of interest, then generate simple reports and analyses of how land cover is changing in those areas over time. VegMachine® is funded by the Fitzroy Basin Association in conjunction with the Commonwealth and Queensland governments.
A: The land cover data used in VegMachine® is derived from satellite imagery. The bulk of these datasets are produced by the Remote Sensing Centre in the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, using the Landsat archive began earth observation in 1986. Landsat imagery has been developed into multiple products used in VegMachine® including Fractional Cover and Ground Cover.
A: VegMachine® is free to use. The user accepts all risks and responsibility for losses, damages, costs and other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from using this information. Fitzroy Basin Association Inc., the Queensland Government, and the Commonwealth Government of Australia shall not be liable for technical or other errors or omissions contained herein.
A: VegMachine® does not collect identifying information about individuals or devices using the online tool. We do collect information about the location and type of analyses requested through VegMachine® to assist us to plan regional support, and to better quantify our user base.
A: VegMachine® is designed for online use only, so you will need web access. It should operate on any device that runs a browser (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops), though you will probably find it easier to use on larger screens. VegMachine® is optimized for Chrome and Firefox browsers, and performance may be limited in other browsers.
A: This page includes a link to a draft VegMachine® Manual. There is also a contact email where you can request support or ask questions. More detailed help materials including videos are in preparation and are available through the YouTube channel link.