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Welcome to VegMachine®

VegMachine is an online tool that uses satellite imagery to summarise decades of change in Australia’s landscape. It’s simple to operate, easy to understand, and free to use.

With VegMachine you can:

  • generate comprehensive ground cover monitoring reports
  • measure land cover change and fire scars
  • view satellite image land cover products
  • better understand the links between management, climate and cover

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Referencing VegMachine

To reference the general use of VegMachine, please refer to the following paper:

Beutel T., Trevithick, R., Scarth, P. and Tindall D. (2019) VegMachine.net. online land cover analysis for the Australian rangelands. The Rangeland Journal, 41, 355–362 https://doi.org/10.1071/RJ19013

To reference individual datasets, please refer to the relevant metadata, obtainable through the blue info buttons located in the main menu.

This project is supported by Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. through funding from the Australian Government’s Reef Programme.

VegMachine is a registered trademark of the CSIRO.

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